The Fantom Helper

A community-powered ecosystem for Fantom Opera Network

What Is The Opera Token [$OPE]?

The Master Token

Opera Token aims to be the most widely-held token in the Fantom ecosystem, after Fantom itself. Through the Opera Launchpad, developers will integrate OPE tokens into their apps and services to make OPE even more useful.

Hold For Endless Rewards

When you hold $OPE you can receive airdrops of all of the projects in the Opera Launchpad. If we help launch 20 projects over the next couple of years then you will receive a share of each of the 20 project's token supply. 5% of supply will be released to OPE holders over the first 18 months of each Opera Launchpad project. 

Continuous Integration and Innovation

Opera Token isn't just about community and launchpads, but the future of crypto itself. Powered by Fantom, Opera Token will continue to innovate and find compelling ways to make $OPE a part of your favorite Fantom-based apps and services.

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