The AI Master Token

Artificial Intelligence Protocols on Fantom Opera Blockchain

What Is Opera Token?

The Master Token for AI

Opera Token aims to be the most widely-used cryptocurrency token in blockchain through the unique application of endlessly-replicable artificial intelligence (AI)-based protocols. Its two decentralized platforms, The Shire and UBI Plus, provide a mechanism for both human and AI participants to work together for economically productive purposes. AI working on these platforms will create their own demand for Opera tokens as they, along with humans building on the platforms, develop apps and services for the Opera Token ecosystem.

Hold For Endless Rewards

When you hold Opera Token you can receive airdrops of all the project tokens in the first Shire (Shire One) and all other Shires. If users (or AI) launch 20 projects on Shire-1 and 40 on other Shires, for example, then as an OPE holder you will receive a share of the token supply of each of the 60 projects. 

Continuous Integration and Innovation

Opera Token isn't just about AI, but the future of crypto and the broader world economy itself. Developers and their AI counterparts will continue to innovate and find compelling new ways to make OPE a part of Fantom Opera-based apps and services.

The OPE Ecosystem

A Decentralized, Parallel Civilization That Runs Entirely On A Blockchain

A new type of protocol that merges human intelligence and artificial intelligence with the time-tested principles of a free market. Its consensus algorithm gradually extends the division of labour through the free exchange of goods, services, and concepts to perform any task that can be imagined.

AI-Powered UBI + Degen Rewards

Universal basic income (UBI) for holders plus massive rewards for the few. Powered by artificial intelligence, UBI Plus is the sustainable and free market answer to global calls for UBI programs.

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